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hideka / hideka

hideka都会の喧噪から離れ自然の中で、自然に触れ、自然の声を聴き、自分に問いかけた・・・。そして見いだした。 やっと見つけた自分の世界。

「Brain to dream of」の初回デモでは日本語で「夢見る脳みそ」として制作していたが、今回の世界配信のために英語ヴァージョンで新たにレコーディングされた。
「FOOL FOR LOVE」、「SPIRAL TUBE」 は海外レーベル、海外ラジオ局、有名プロデューサー、海外アーティストからも評価されオファーを受けた。しかし、自分のペースで音楽を続けたいという意思により、地元山梨の..:: LCP RECORDS ::..より初のデジタルアルバムリリース。

※「CD−R Limited Package(16bit/44.1kHz)」も国内のみ数量限定で発売開始しました。詳細とご注文はこちら

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Shoegaze artist, hideka makes her debut release with this 8 title wonder. hideka left the tumultuous city and surrounded herself in nature to make this album. She locked herself away from society to do some deep introspection. She eventually found herself and started writing music that expressed her new self. She built a private studio in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere, and started working on her first solo album. In the fantastic songs that emerged, through the clanging guitars, her mystic voice floats through the air. This liberating release of one of Japan's more respected musicians, has created a masterpiece that is at times tempestuous, while at other times tender and ephemeral.

She originally released the song "Brain To Dream Of" in Japanese for her demo but rerecorded the song in English for her international fans. This release is a digital only release.

*Taken from the HearJapan website.

Total Time 30'14"

    01.Brain to dream of (04:37)

    02.FOOL FOR LOVE (04:41)

    03.wash away your noise (01:31)

    04.Oh-2 (03:49)
    05.easy (04:52)
    06.SPIRAL TUBE (04:11)

    07.Understand (02:23)

All songs written, played, arranged, mixed and produced by hideka
Remixed by Hideki Ataka (Brain to dream of, FOOR FOR LOVE and Oh-2)
Mastered by Hideki Ataka
Artwork by hideka and Makiko Asano(parchment craft)
World promotion by Series Two Records(USA)

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