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January 6, 2010


「ワインと音楽の夕べ・SEMTAZONEがやってきた!」at 甲府富士屋ホテル

Lost Color PeopleSEMTAZONE/天河道(テンカドウ)/

山梨県と姉妹関係にあるフランス ソーヌ・エ・ロアール県のシャルネイ・レ・マコン市からフレンチ・ロックグループ「センタゾン」が再来日。2007年にセンタゾンと共演し、2008年パリ公演も実現したLCPも出演。

甲府市湯村3-2-30 TEL:055-253-8111
open 18:30 start 19:00

財団法人山梨県国際交流協会 TEL:055-228-5419
株式会社サドヤ TEL:055-253-4116
La Muse TEL:055-275-8540

事務局:財団法人山梨県国際交流協会 TEL:055-228-5419 webmaster@yia.or.jp

Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Yamanashi Prefectural Government, and Yamanashi Prefecture Wine Manufacturers' Association, and supported by the Embassy of France in Japan, Kofu City, and many local broadcasters and news organizations, French rock band Semtazone are coming back to Yamanashi for a mini-tou...r, culminating in a special event at the Fujiya Hotel on March 12th. Come along to enjoy great music, delicious wine, and a French buffet. Lost Color People, Tengado, and others provide support.

Tickets cost 3,000 yen and are available from Yamanashi International Center (055-228-5419), Kofu Fujiya Hotel (055-253-8111), Sadoya (055-253-4114), and La Muse (055-275-8540). No additional tickets will be made available, so please don't leave it to the last minute. LCP can help secure tickets if necessary.

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2010/01/24「NORO at 渋谷WASTED TIME」

[ NORO , Live ]

音彩~otosai~ at WASTED TIME

NOROあいうえon楽団/CALVIN and LIL DEEPS/煌乃 優
Buri Cama/愛/

渋谷区宇田川町31-3 第3田中ビルB1F TEL:03-3461-8383
open 18:15 start 18:45
前売¥2,500- 当日¥3,000- (2Drink(or Foods)付)


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