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April 1, 2011

2011/05/28「Made in LCP RECORDS at 桜座」

About: Made in LCP RECORDS Made in LCP RECORDS


Glove Senses III リリース記念ライブ

Made in LCP RECORDS 気になる奇妙な共通。 at 桜座

Glove SensesNORO feat.ハッカイ(ex.有頂天)/hidekaLost Color People

イベントフライヤ(PDF 4.38MB)

open:17:00 start:17:30

〒400-0032 山梨県甲府市中央1-1-7 TEL:055-233-2031




Time schedule
01.Lost Color People - Start 17:30~(JST) 08:30~(UTC) http://lcpweb.net/
02.hideka - Start 18:15~(JST) 09:15~(UTC) http://www.hidekamusic.com/ @hidekaUFO
03.NORO feat.ハッカイ(ex.有頂天) - Start 19:00~(JST) 10:00~(UTC) http://www.norosound.com/ @noro58
04.Glove Senses - Start 19:45~(JST) 10:45~(UCT) https://www.glovesenses.com/

* Please note that no guarantee is offered that this video streaming will be uninterrupted and/or free from unforeseen problems or errors, such as those which may occur due to camera, audio, or network lines. The streaming schedule may also be subject to change without prior notice.

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