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March 27, 2010

Mayflower / hideka & The Pristines

Mayflower / hideka & The Pristines何千マイルもの距離を越えて、ネットワークを通じた感性のコラボレーション。
UKのLo-Fiシューゲイズアーティスト「The Pristines」と日本のシューゲイザーの先駆け「hideka」との出会い。 それはWeb上での音楽ファイルのやり取りから始まった。
海を越えて二つのスタイルが生み出す「hideka & The Pristines」の軽快でキャッチーな化学反応。「Mayflower」と名づけられた待望の実験的コラボ。ついに5月、世界配信リリース。

iTunes Music Store(29ヵ国)、Amazon MP3HearJapanJapanFilesOnGen(USEN)MUSICOOTOTOY(recommuni)moramora winListen Japan楽天ダウンロードTSUTAYA DISCASMySoundなどの国内外のメジャーダウンロードサイト、携帯配信サイトで

*Please note that timing of the release may vary from country to country.Thank you for your understanding.

This heartfelt collaboration took place over the networks, traversing thousands of miles.
It all began with an encounter between British Lo-Fi shoegaze artists, “The Pristines”, and “hideka”, Japan's pioneer shoegazer, following which they began to exchange music files together over the Internet.
Their songs began to take shape in gradual layers: Jon would send noisy sound sources captured on MTRs to hideka, hideka would soak up the British vibe and add her unique lyrics to their jointly-forged melodies. Feeling the British vibe, hideka even found elements of rock awakening deep inside her.
It's hard to pinpoint exactly which genre this new sound belongs to - should it be called shoegaze, Britpop or guitar pop? Either way, it's certain that this catchy, rhythmical chemical reaction is a melting pot of two styles from opposite sides of the ocean.
The long-awaited experimental collaboration is scheduled for global distribution release this May, and is aptly named “Mayflower”.

Total Time 17'57"

    01.MAY-RO (03:31)

    02.B-3 Radio (03:45)

    03.Should Have Known Better (02:24)

    04.Party's Fall (04:25)

    05.Maybe (03:52)

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